Thailand for Marriage

Thailand has always been an exotic wedding destination for many Westerners. Over the past few years with the rise of budget airlines Thailand has become one of the more popular destinations in South East Asia for tying the knot. A Thai wedding in an exotic location will always remain memorable with Thai wedding monks and the usual Thai wedding traditions. No matter where you decide to marry in Thailand, be it on the pristine beaches of Phuket or in the colourful urban setting of Bangkok, Thailand is the best place for your traditional Thai wedding. 

Couples who have never been to Thailand always have many questions about having a Thai wedding. The more popular Thai wedding destinations are Bangkok, Phuket and Hua Hin. For foreigners planning on tying the knot with their Thai fiancées the most popular Thai wedding destinations tend to be Udon Thani, Chang Mai and Bangkok. On this website we try and answer all your questions regarding your Thai wedding.  

Weddings in Thailand

No matter what ethnic background you have, Thailand is still the perfect hot spot for Muslim wedding’s, Christian weddings, or any other kind of traditional, or non-traditional Thai wedding.

Traditional Thai Wedding
Christian Wedding: Catholic & Protestant
Chinese Wedding
Muslim Wedding
Secular Wedding aka My Personal Wedding

Wedding Locations in Thailand

Thailand holds an enormous variety of destinations for your wedding, making each wedding unique and memorable. Being a part of a small village ceremony, underwater, or on the beautiful mountains, leaves any option open, with only your imagination to hold you back. Not only is Thailand extremely cultural and full of tradition, but also it can also be very modern with tourist attractions and globally owned hotel chains. The embassies are modern, as well as most cities have recently become.

North in the Mountains: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Maehongsorn & Isaan
Bangkok and Pattaya
South by the Sea: Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui & Trang

Legalizing your Marriage in Thailand

Your Thai marriage ceremony however, (if you so choose to have your Thai wedding held in Thailand), you will more than likely not be able to gain recognition back in your home country. This is why many law firms who specialize in these instances are readily available to help you with any of your needs, concerns, or questions. This way, they can help you have the most convenient and memorable experience in Thailand, without you having to worry about all the legalities and concerns.

Marriage Registration
Prenuptial Agreement
Marriage Visa: K1 Visa, K3 Visa, UK Spouse Visa, Thai Marriage Visa