Marriage Registration in Thailand

Marriage Registration in Thailand

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If you are not native to Thailand and you wish to still wed, you can be well on your way in just a few days. The first step is to begin your marriage registration at the embassy. Although this marriage registration is fairly simple, some may feel like they are overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork, which will need to be completely translated into Thai before being filed, whether you are marrying another foreigner or a Thai partner.

To begin your marriage registration, you must be confirmed as single and therefore eligible to be legally married, as well as confirming your citizenship. This affirmation process will happen over night and can be completed at home after receiving and completing the form from the embassy. The embassy will confirm the form; however, you will need to provide a divorce decree or a death certificated if you had been previously married.

The next step with marriage registration process in Thailand is to take the documents from the embassy to the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs for verification once translated into the language of Thai. This part take a few hours as the process is time consuming. Once this is complete the final stage of the marriage registration is when you take the documents from the Thai Foreign Affairs department and then file it with the local district office, which is commonly referred to as “khet” or “amphur.”

You will then receive your Thai marriage certificate. The Thai authorities require a statutory statement, which will cost you about 1,000 Baht each, which is thirty US dollars or 54 pounds (3,500 Baht) for the British Embassy. To notarize the affirmation will also cost a small amount, as well as being charged by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs to verify any marital enabling documents, and translation charges.

Being a foreigner wishing to register your marriage, you will need several things listed below.

 An Affidavit/Affirmation of Freedom to Marry
 Copy of your current passport
 Divorce Decree/Death Certificate of former spouse if applicable

Your Thai fiancée shall need the following for marriage registration in Thailand:

 ID card
 House registration
 Divorce Decree/Death Certificate, if applicable
 Certificate of Changed Name, if applicable