Wedding Locations

Wedding Locations

South by the Sea

There are indeed hundreds of wonderful, brilliant places to choose as your wedding destination. South of Thailand is the beautiful and sensual Pacific Ocean, where the weather is always moderate, though rainy. The clear sea and clean sand is perfect for someone with a taste for the sea. Still more romantic, south of Thailand by the sea holds Rocky Mountains in the distance. Marriage here can be a dream in many ways. Ideas range from private weddings on resorts or in boats, to having an underwater wedding in Trang. In the south there are several beautiful, popular destinations, most popular being Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, and of course Trang, which will all be described below.


The finest resorts and most luxurious activities lie in Phuket Island, notably one of the most popular and important resorts, famous for weddings and holidays. The accommodation given from some of the finest hotels is excellent, as well as the beautiful sea side and fun activities (such as sailing the beautiful islands and even riding elephants!)

You can canoe the sea and tour Phang Nga Bay and the Similan Islands. Bars, restaurants, impeccable food, and the nightlife will await you and your guests back at Patong Beach as well as Kata and Karon. Phuket Island will have your romantic wedding with relaxing trees and perfect sunshine, as well as a fun time.

Ko Samui

Neat the East coast of Thailand lays a fairly larger island holding more than 45,000 people that is popular for tourists and other foreigners. In it is an international airport, numerous boat cruises, and is a favorite destination of MC Queen Victoria herself. The airport connects with Easy Asia and Bangkok each on a daily basis, making it easier to stop in for a visit, or jet off to another destination. The best part of Ko Samui is debatably the most tropical and free environment.


Tropical paradise can be found in Krabi if you so seek it! With modern facilities, breath taking views, and beautiful beaches, Krabi makes it too easy to relax. You can explore the many secular islands off Krabi’s coast with the long boats stationed all around, or stop off at the airport located on Bangkok’s highway. After your Thai wedding you can have your most memorable times here while you explore underwater rarities.


As previously mentioned, the underwater weddings of Trang may always remain the best way to start off your Thai marriage. From all around the world, couples will come together in February to be wed amongst breath taking views. Locally, the environment makes it most important you have a comfortable time, as you watch fishes go by in the almost perfect waters; clear and spectacular.

Your most special moments are waiting for you here in Thailand, full of exquisite luxury and style.

Hua Hin

A less popular but still perfect destination for your Thai wedding is in Hua Hin. It is one of the oldest, yet small compared to others, resorts in Thailand.

Home to the Royal Family, Hua Hin has more than 70,000 residents, making this a low tourists area. This once rustic, now modern town has much history involving royalty and is well known for being based upon family.

King Prajadhipok chose to rest his Wang Klai Kang Won (Far From Worries) palace here and later more were built, called Sukaves. Prince Krom Phra Naresworant gave Hua Hin its name originally, as the beach beside his palace.

Thai weddings are nice to have here because it is easy to access, has a wonderful town, and holds several banquet halls. Simple, private weddings can also be held on the private resorts in Hua Hin.

By showing you all of what this town has to offer, such as first class resorts, golf courses, and ancient history, hosting your wedding here should be compared to nothing!

Northern Thailand

Don’t forget the Thai wedding hot spots of Northern Thailand! Only your imagination can hold you back from all of the fine parts of Thailand and incredible things to do, try, or experience. Thailand is a beautiful area and perfect for Thai weddings with customs, culture, and tradition. Thailand holds hundreds of unique and memorable ways to wed your Thai fiancée by being romantically remarkable and unimaginably fantastic.

Listed by location are the most exotic destinations available for your Thai wedding. It is true that not all of Thailand is filled with luxurious views or breath taking beaches, but it still compensates by being the all around most romanticized wedding destination. At any weather or temperature, you will have a better time as compared to places outside of Thailand. The winters stay cool, not harsh, and the summers stay refreshing.

Northern Thailand has become increasingly rich in its culture and life because of all that it is has to offer its tourists and residents. Taking the time to explore Northern Thailand by perhaps riding bicycles or taking other fun forms of transportation can help you to find many of the most undiscovered parts of Thailand. Beautiful and diverse landscapes stretched across miles of rolling hills and mountains that are home to several tribes, mixed with the perfect temperate environment for any holiday, it holds a sense of calmness. Traditional, undiscovered, and ready to explore, Northern Thailand holds much glory, especially that of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and the town of Maehongsorn.

Chiang Mai

Choosing Chiang Mai as your Thai wedding destination will not be a decision that you regret. This majestic city has many major attractions that you can’t help but have fun by simply being around. The inhabitants of Chiang Mai have perfected being nothing but welcoming and considerate of their guests and visitors, making Chiang Mai not only one of the most popular cities in Asia, but also one of the most budget friendly.

Chiang Mai is a major historical hot spot and is also very scenic while you are exploring parts of the northern regions of Thailand. While smaller than a lot of the cities in Thailand, especially Bangkok, Chiang Mai is considered to be more diverse and over all more “colorful.”

The devotion to the culture of the Hill Tribe and the cities exclusive traditions originating from Tibet makes having a Thai wedding only natural and soothing. The city holds world-renowned temples such as the Phrathat Doi Suthep Temple, a place of solitude, and probably the most popular temple here. The staircase alone is made of three hundred steps with its beautiful golden roof and spectacular atmosphere. Another temple, this one wooden, is the Phra Jao Mengrai Temple along with the beautiful surroundings of the Oo-Mong Temple.

To get a taste of what its like to live here, stop in to a Night Bazaar, which is a very popular event with countless amounts of food and shopping options. These markets are all over the city, and can be great to dine at. Still more, Chiang Mai has a one of a kind elephant-bathing atmosphere in rivers, can be a sight for anyone to see. The Chiang Mai history and its beautiful, individual atmosphere are indeed worth the trip and cost of Thai wedding here. It is an absolutely unforgettable wedding location.

Chiang Rai

The town of Chiang Rai was built in 1262 by King Mengrai, and is a very historical town. You can find it farthest north of the provinces of Thailand, between Myanmar and Laos, lays Chiang Rai. The city is around 780 kilometers from Bangkok and 180 kilometers from Chiang Mai, so it would be wise to take a plane here, as it is a long drive, although well worth it!

Chiang Rai is commonly known for being part of the “Golden Triangle” which is where the areas of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet. It is also home to elephant trekking, wonderful resortts, white water rafting, beautiful scenic routes, and the Pu Kaeng Waterfalls, which are many attractions that can be perfect for both the bride and the groom of the wedding or Thai ceremony.

A wedding next to the Mekong River, mighty and glorious, can be perfect while it is rare of tourists to visit and also very tranquil. Though being welcomed by the fairytale looking mountains in a traditional Thai village with native Thai customs may also be just as enjoyable for anyone. The historic temples and innocent setting gives off a very embracing outlook on your marriage.

Planning your Thai wedding in Chiang Rai, you will notice that many more romantic and fun options will open up for your wedding destination. You will find more and more things to do and explore.
Your Thai wedding photos that hold such innocent beauty and exquisite adventures will be the talk of all of your friends. It will be worth having your Thai wedding here in Chiang Rai.


Maehongsorn is a very unique place to hold a Thai wedding, as many others have also stated and experienced. Mountain ranges will engulf your surroundings while you stay in the valley of Maehongsorn, isolated from the worries of the outside world. Maehongsorn, like other destinations in Northern Thailand, has its own innocent beauty, untouched by crowded tourists or pollution. There is a slight mist to the village year-round, and many visitors to the town think that Maehongsorn as a wedding destination is a wonderful idea.The name Maehongsorn suggests that the terrain of the city is ideal for the training of elephants, with ideal weather and the option of elephant trekking to your dream destination. The airport has daily flights for your guests to fly in on, make it easier for you to enjoy your special day, worry-free.

Picture your wedding ceremony in Maehongsorn. Off in the background, all around, are beautiful and spectactular mountain scenes. The large ethnic hill tribe community makes it a humble, tranquil, occasion that you and your guests cannot turn away. The Thai Yai culture here, adding to your already cultural Thai wedding, adds just the spice that your wedding would yearn for. The houses of Maehongsorn are built with lower rooves and higher floors, most culturally, making a wedding here traditional and culturally defining.

Confessing your vows amongst the misty mountainous terrain, beside the friendly hill tribe and exotic surroundings and attractions creates the making of a most memorable Thai wedding.

Udon Thani

The locals will bask in your wedding happiness and joy, while your Thai fiancée delighted to be wed in her hometown. Udon Thani is located in the northeastern region of Thailand, and holds several tourist destinations because it has now become a means of transport and communication for the upper northeastern parts of Thailand. It was once, and still is a flourishing community since the prehistoric times, several thousands of years ago.

Bordering Udon Thani is Nong Khai, Kohn Kaen, Sakon Nakhon, and Nongbualamphu as well as Loei, making this a convenient destination for you and your guests who can conveniently fly in for your Thai wedding. Amongst some of Udon Thani’s most archeological wonders is Ban Chiang, hamlet of the world’s first Bronze Age where civilization had drastically thrived in the heart of Udon Thani.

Holding your Thai ceremony and wedding near the classic farms and rustic rice fields is desirable to many, as few have any seen a rice field or a Thai ceremony, at that. The Songkhram River or the Phu Phu mountains are also available and near by to hold your memorably event with the friendly locals, exhibiting authentic Asian hospitality. Your wedding will be a most memorable event in Udon Thani to the couple that prefers an agricultural region, as well as fine hotels and modern utilities.

Many tend to overlook the immensely beautiful surroundings and rich culture that is provided by Northeastern Thailand simply because of the lack of common tourists attractions including beaches. However, there are very fine and exotic features about this region of Thailand that you will not be disappointed with.

Bangkok & Pattaya

Having your Thai wedding and being newly introduced, as a married couple is all alone going to be a most memorable occasion. Having your Thai wedding in Bangkok, however, will multiply this wonderful ceremony for both the bride and the groom. Bangkok has a nightlife that is that sometimes considered the best compared to others, as well as having world-renowned temples and luxurious activities and hotels.

All over the beautiful landscape are tons of temples that can be possible destinations for your one in a million wedding. Here we can arrange any theme for your wedding to have in Bangkok. There are first class hotels available and private halls as well as lobbies that will accommodate any of your needs or desires.

The tallest building in Bangkok, the Baiyoke Tower, has a modern infrastructure and is a most desirable atmosphere to hold a wedding. There are a wide variety of diverse and colorful people, who will make hosting world class. Having your wedding in Bangkok makes it simple to have your after wedding ceremony or honeymoon anywhere along the beautiful beaches of Thailand, or even in the central metropolis.

The ancient cities such as Ayutthaya or near River Kwae are large tourist attractions and popular for their entertainment and environments. Bangkok is a very convenient and also less expensive destination that has many options for any groom and his Thai fiancée.

As well as Bangkok, Pattaya is also a unique place to hold such a ceremony, and is also within driving distance of the city. Less than two hours away from Bangkok, you will find Pattaya on the Eastern Seaboard filled with excitement and joy. This town is known for its entertaining parties and beautiful beaches, very appealing to outsiders.

Pattaya has a flavor for the west and will easily accommodate to your wedding as they have upgraded to more extravagant hotels as well as sprucing up the several islands that are found off the coast of Pattaya. Banquet halls, global hotel chains, and the small islands off the coast can all be considered ideal destinations for your Thai wedding.But don’t just meet your own needs, Pattaya also accommodates to the needs of your wedding guests. Pattaya invites your guests to such places as the Pattaya Tower, and other family oriented facilities including the Mini Siam. All of these places in Pattaya are appealing and have a very excitement, non-dull, atmosphere about them. Talk to us about hosting your wedding here in Pattaya, Thailand. It may be the best decision of your marriage.