Capture her heart with a Thai Wedding

Capture her heart with a Thai Wedding

Why marry in Thailand?Thailand has always been an exotic wedding destination for many Westerners. Over the past few years with the rise of budget airlines Thailand has become one of the more popular destinations in South East Asia for tying the knot. A Thai wedding in an exotic location will always remain memorable with Thai wedding monks and the usual Thai wedding traditions. No matter where you decide to marry in Thailand, be it on the pristine beaches of Phuket or in the colourful urban setting of Bangkok, Thailand is the best place for your traditional Thai wedding. 

Couples who have never been to Thailand always have many questions about having a Thai wedding. The more popular Thai wedding destinations are Bangkok, Phuket and Hua Hin. For foreigners planning on tying the knot with their Thai fiancées the most popular Thai wedding destinations tend to be Udon Thani, Chang Mai and Bangkok. On this website we try and answer all your questions regarding your Thai wedding.  

We have over time asked people why they had chosen Thailand as their wedding destination. The answers differ from person to person, however the recurring reasons are always that Thailand is an exotic wedding location that is not only affordable but that the Thai people are so friendly.  Thailand is stooped in traditions and ancient Asia culture with pristine beaches and first world infrastructure all at low cost. What better place to have a traditional Thai wedding than in a tropical paradise. 

Decide on what type of Thai wedding you wish to have. You are spoilt for choice in Thailand with its diverse ethnic background. You can have a traditional Buddhist Thai wedding or a Catholic Thai wedding or even a Muslim Thai wedding. You are only limited by your imagination. Once you have decided what type of Thai wedding you wish to have, the locations available are broad. Many foreigners getting married in Thailand opt for a small village wedding or a Thai wedding in the hillsides of Chang Mai. Others have in the past opted for a Christian Thai wedding on the beaches of Hua Hin and Phuket and the brave have even had their Thai wedding underwater. Thailand is colourful, never dull and old hat. Create your fantasies in Thailand here. 

Another common question we do get from foreigners is with regards to embassies and legalities after the Thai wedding. Bangkok is home to numerous foreign embassies with a modern infrastructure. If you have your Thai wedding here, you can also have your marriage registered in Thailand. A marriage in Thailand which has been duly registered in Thailand will more likely than not will be recognized in your home country. The Thai marriage registration is however not a straight forward as what you might expect as back home however Thailand has many international law firms who are able to cater to your needs.  There is no need to waste your honeymoon on filing papers. Contact a reputable law firm who will do all the leg work for you such as translations, pre-nuptial contracts, marriage registration and embassy verifications on your behalf all at a fraction of the cost which you might expect.

Provide the law firm with all your documents after you Thai wedding but before your honeymoon and if you are taking your fiancée back to the United States, the United Kingdom or Australia let them apply for her spouse visa.

Having a traditional Thai wedding is and will be one of the milestones in your life which you will never forget. Browse through our website and should you have any questions with regards to your Thai wedding plans, send us an email or speak to us on live chat. We are always happy to answer your questions and make your Thai wedding a success.